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General Questions


What is the minimum age requirement to send my dog to daycare?

  • All pups must be at least 4 months of age to attend. Pups 1 year and over must be spayed or neutered


What vaccines does my dog need to attend daycare?

  • Proof of current vaccines must be provided before care can begin

    • DHPP (Yearly)

    • Rabies (Yearly/Every 3 Years)

    • Bordetella (Every 6 months)

    • Monthly flea and tick preventative

    • K9 Influenza (Yearly)

  • All dogs must undergo a health check to ensure they are free from any contagious diseases prior to joining group play


What types of collars are permitted at Fenway Bark?

  • All pups must wear a quick-release collar. Harnesses are not permitted


Does my dog need to be on a leash at Fenway Bark?

  • All dogs must be on a leash in all open and common areas


Does my dog need to pass a temperament test?

  • Yes, all dogs must pass a temperament test prior to enrolling. Dogs are invited to spend a few hours with us free of charge while we assess and place your dogs play style.

    • Aggressive dogs that display behaviors including biting, growling, snapping, or lunging may not attend playgroups for the safety of all our dogs


Are you closed for holidays?

  • Fenway Bark will be closed in observance of these holidays:

    • Memorial Day

    • 4th of July

    • Labor Day

    • Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving

    • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

    • New Years Eve, New Years Day


Do you close for vacations?

  • Fenway Bark will be closed the week of July 4 and the week between Christmas and New Years


Can I send my pup in with lunch?

  • If you provide lunch for your pup, please pack it in a single-serving disposable bag labeled with your dog's name, date, and time of feeding.


Is there quiet time at Fenway Bark?

  • All pups will have time to relax in the afternoon. Lights out, soothing music, and a little down time!


What are the dog-to-staff ratios?

  • Fenway Bark maintains a group ratio of at maximum 15 dogs for each coach


How are dogs grouped together?

  • Dogs will be grouped together based on size, temperament, and play style


What if I have medication for my dog?

  • Staff members will administer medication as prescribed by the dog’s veterinarian and only with the owner’s permission


What happens if there is an incident at daycare?

  • Staff members will be required to report any incidents or injuries that occur during daycare hours, and owners will be notified of any incidents involving their dogs.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

  • Owners must provide advance notice of any cancellations or changes to their dog’s daycare schedule. Same-day cancellations are non-refundable.


Are there fees for late pickups?

  • Late pickup fees may apply for pickups outside the designated pickup hours.


What are your qualifications?

  • We are proud members of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA), Fear Free Pets, and the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC)


What is your termination policy?

  • We reserve the right to terminate a dog at any time, without notice, if we feel the safety of their care or the care  of other dogs is impacted.


How do you communicate with pet parents?

  • Fenway Bark will communicate with clients via Paw Partner App, phone, or in-person, and will keep clients informed about their dogs behavior, health, and activities while in daycare.


Paw Partner App


How do I get PawPartner on my phone?

  • PawPartner is available both on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I Buy Packages on the app?

  • Yes, you can purchase daycare packages or any other services within the app

When I go to reserve a spot, it shows “Estimated Charges”. What is this?

  • Estimated Charges show the expected price for your dog's day at daycare. For daycare-only days, this is the final price. For services such as grooming, price can fluctuate depending on your pup’s needs. All changes in price will be run by the pet owner beforehand.

I have a package. How do I apply it to my reservation?

  • Daycare package credits will automatically be applied when you are checked out at the end of the day.




What kinds of payment do you accept?

  • Fenway Bark accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. All sales are final and all payments are non-refundable.




Where can I pay?

  • You can pay either inside our facility or on the Paw Partner app.

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