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Part of the Fenway Bark Collection Youth Heavy Cotton T-Shirt is a great wardrobe addition that can be worn year-round to school, games or the playground. It’s made of sturdy, midweight 100% U.S. cotton and features a classic fit. Color: Navy Front: Fenway Bark Logo (Husky) Left Sleeve: Fenway Bark Logo (German Shepherd) A versatile, must-have wardrobe item that will keep you looking cool and feeling comfortable for any occasion! With a classic fit and made of durable, high-quality U.S. cotton, this Fenway Bark tee is perfect for school, sports, or just hanging out with friends. Plus, the adorable Fenway Bark logos add a touch of fun and personality to this stylish staple.

Fenway Bark Youth Tee (Husky)

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